The canteen is operated by the School Council. The canteen caters for a mid-morning recess and lunch each day of the week. A canteen price list (subject to change) is available from the office or download opposite.

The canteen endeavours to provide healthy food alternatives and has developed a menu of interesting and healthy foods which include fruit and cereals. If there are specific food needs please contact the school to make these known. There is an ‘Allergy Awareness’ Policy in place that ensures the school does not serve foods such as peanuts that can cause known allergies. The Canteen list also indicates foods that do not contain gluten and the Canteen Manager is happy to disuss any dietary needs.

Over the Counter Sales

The canteen does sell over the counter items but encourages children to order their lunch and recess.

How to Order

  1. Children write their recess or lunch order on a paper bag (available from the canteen if necessary). Parents please complete the order if children are still learning to write.
  2. Enclose the correct change (where possible) and place the bag in the class container.
  3. The container is taken to the canteen before 9.00am.
  4. The order is prepared and recess orders can be collected from the canteen and lunch orders are picked up by a class monitor and distributed in the classroom. Any change is attached to the order.

Volunteers are always most welcome so, if you are available, please contact the school. Volunteers must have a current Working With Children card (Ochre Card).