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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts is an integral part of our culture here at Stuart Park Primary School. Through music, drama and dance, all students are encouraged to express themselves and share in experiences that develop empathy and self-confidence.   Our school values the Arts and takes pride in the culture it helps us create. Our students are creative, open-minded and supportive of one another.

Assembly Performances

Assemblies are often spectacular at Stuart Park Primary School. They are always entertaining and performances are of a high standard, particularly when celebrating special events such as Harmony Day, Anzac Day, Science Week, Book Week and more. Such occasions see our school community come together to share our love for the Arts.

All classes have the opportunity to perform at weekly school assemblies as the year progresses. Often this takes on the form of dance, song or role playing, along with public speaking. We have seen some wonderful class performances over the years. In addition to class performances, we frequently welcome the school band and school choir to showcase their talents.


We have one choir for Years 4 to 6. Students are invited to join our choir and share in the wonder of choral singing, while learning basic music theory and vocal techniques. Performances are of a consistently high standard and well received by those who hear them.6

Instrument Tuition

There are fantastic opportunities to be involved in our NT Music School instrumental program (e.g. drums, guitar, saxophone, flute, trumpet, clarinet, trombone) and band program (Years 4 to 6). Specialist teachers tutor students in a range of instruments and they come together each week to form our school band.