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Library Resource Centre

Our library is a resource centre for students and teachers. It provides a wide range of educational materials and support for school programs as well
as opportunities for recreational reading.


Students in Pre-school to Year 2

Younger students can borrow two books for two weeks.

Students in Year 3 – Year 6

Older children can borrow up to four books for four weeks.

Borrowing Times

All students visit the library each week and are encouraged to borrow books. The classroom teacher or librarian will let parents know when their class comes to the library.

Library Program

Early Childhood

The main purpose of the Early Childhood Library program is for the children to experience the library as an enjoyable, exciting and stimulating place. 

The library program works towards two main aims:

  1. For the students to develop a love and appreciation for literature that will assist them in becoming life-long recreational readers. Reading books to the children for enjoyment will form the basis of the library program. Children will be encouraged to borrow books from the library on a regular basis.
  2. For students to become information literate. This will involve children locating and using information. The focus will be on exploring the different resources that the library offers.
Middle Primary and Upper Primary

Students visit the library once a week. Year 3 students take part in a library program that works towards students becoming independent library users who can choose and use appropriate and relevant resources for their learning. Year 4 – 6 students come to the library with their classroom teacher and use the library to supplement and complement their classroom programmes. Students are encouraged to borrow books for personal and class reading during these times.

Opening Times

The library is open at lunchtime each day. It is a popular place to:

  • borrow and read books;
  • play quiet games;
  • draw; and
  • add to the Lego wall.

Student monitors are available to help out at lunchtime as well as a supervising teacher.

Library Catalogue

This is web based and available from all computers in the school or when students are at home. Look for the icon below on school computers or just click to go to the catalogue. A student friendly version is launched by clicking Orbit.