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Parent Contributions

Parent Contributions are requested by the School Council each year. The School Council requests a Parent Contribution of $150 per child per year in the primary school ($37.50 per term) and $240 per child in the preschool ($60 per term).

These contributions supplement Education Department grants and cover areas such as:

• additional resources for classrooms
• general school resources (e.g. computers, library books etc.).
• enhanced grounds and playground equipment
• log in to the Reading Eggs (T-6), Mathletics (3-6) online resources.
• subscriptions and resources that support classroom programs e.g. Soundwaves and GradeXpert.

It is due to the high percentage of parents who support the school through these contributions that we are able to supply a high level of resources.

We endeavour not to ask for continuous small amounts of money for various activities but this may happen on special occasions. In order to be fair, parents who have not made a Parent Contribution will be asked to pay full cost for any extra activities that children undertake. Please be assured that no essential resource or facility will ever be withdrawn from a child should you choose not to make this contribution.

Contributions may be made at the school office by credit card, cash or contact the school for bank details to directly deposit the amount.