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At Stuart Park Primary School we believe that all students need an understanding of science to make sense of their world; to make decisions about themselves, the environment and society; and to engage with an increasingly scientific and technological world. In essence, we aim to provide the foundations for our students to become scientifically literate.

Our Science program, taught by specialist teachers, nurtures the students’ sense of wonder and develops their passion for discovering how the world works. This is achieved through the implementation of a professional learning program titled Primary Connections. This resource is based on an inquiry-orientated teaching and learning model known as the 5 E’s: Engage, Explore, Explain Elaborate and Evaluate. Students use their prior knowledge and literacies to develop explanations for their hands-on experiences of scientific phenomena. Students have opportunities to represent and re-represent their developing understanding. They are engaged actively in the learning process. Students develop investigation skills and an understanding of the nature of science.

Above all, we aim to foster a love of science in our students. To provide them with tools to succeed in their future scholastic studies and perhaps choose a career in one of the many fields of science in their adult life.

From NASA to Exploding Paint Tins!

We have all been entertained and informed by our Science teacher, Mrs Sylvia Siskamanis over the years but now she has been able to reach out to a much larger audience. Mrs Siskamanis has an article in the October/November 2019 edition of Education Technology. The article is “From NASA to Exploding Paint Tins”.