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Parent Communication


The Newsletter is published every Wednesday and is an important point of communication between school and home. It always contains useful and current information as well as a calendar of coming events.

Class Letters

At the beginning of each term, classroom teachers will send home a letter that will let you know about any classroom activities for the term e.g. homework expectations, classroom expectations, coming events, requests for classroom assistance and general information about the class. All class letters will be sent out via email.

Parent Teacher Meetings

These meetings are held twice yearly, generally on the last Tuesday in Terms One and Three. The purpose of these is to discuss and celebrate your child’s progress. Teachers and students do a great deal of preparation for these meetings so that the information they give you is as informed and accurate as possible. Your observations of your children can also provide useful information.

It is an important time to show your child that you are supportive of their efforts and it can and should be a positive time for all.​

Individual Meetings

Should parents feel concerned about their child at any time, arrangements can be made for a meeting with the class teacher. Class teachers may also request a meeting with you should they have concerns or require further information.

Teachers also use email as an easy way to keep you informed of any ongoing issues in class.

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