Physical Education

Here at Stuart Park Primary School we aim to instill a lifelong love of physical activity.  Through engaging lessons, run by our specialist teacher Mr Bentes, students explore the effects physical activity has on our lives while building and improving on the individual level of physical literacy (the confidence and competence in the way the body moves).

In addition to these lessons, students are involved in physical fitness building activities such as our daily Move and Groove sessions for Upper Primary and our Fundamental Motor Skills program in Early Childhood.

Students are also given the opportunity to be involved in school and community events such as our annual Sports Carnival, the Marathon4Kids program and development sessions run by local sporting organisations. Students are encouraged to be involved in outside of school events and activities which are advertised through the school.

Physical Education is highly valued here at Stuart Park and we see it as an important part of our whole school approach towards building strong, independent and capable students.