Activity Sheets

These activity sheets were developed by Pete Charrette (Cap’n Pete) and provide a range of fun activities that the family can do using everyday household items. 

Balance and Walk

Balance a stuffed animal on your head and walk from a starting marker, around an end marker and back. If it falls, do 1 turn before you pick it up.


From a rolling marker, underhand roll a ball
at 10 plastic bottles with a bowling set-up.
Take 2 rolls and clear out the knocked down
pins after the 1st roll. Count your score.

Circle Run

Run from the staring marker towards the first paper plate. When you reach it, circle around it as you run. Run around the other paper plates as you go. Run around the end bottle and come straight back to the starting bottle. Repeat

Do the Limbo

Have a family member or friend hold a pool noodle or a broom stick at different levels while you do the “limbo” underneath it. Switch jobs!

Crab and Stack

From a starting marker, crabwalk to the cups to upstack 6 cups in two, 2-1 pyramids. Travel back to the cone and repeat to downstack the cups.

Disc Fling

From a throwing marker, fling a disc into a laundry basket. Take 10 throws and count up your points from successful attempts.